NixOS - Login screen blanks out on fresh install - Framework Intel 12 Gen

I just got a framework laptop in the new batch yesterday, and I’m excited to start using it! I’m trying to run NixOS and I’ve hit a snag.

I ran the graphical installer off of a Live USB to install Nix 22.05 with Gnome, and that ran to completion just fine. After installation and rebooting, I see the login prompt for a few seconds, but this disappears and the whole screen blanks out, leaving a blinking cursor in the top right.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Make a USB live image with NixOS 22.05
  2. Insert and install on Framework Laptop with Intel 12th Gen
  3. Reboot

I’ve opened a github issue against NixOS as well. Any advice would be appreciated!

Here’s a little video

Can you post a gist of your NixOS config?

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I’ve included this problem, and it’s solution, in my ongoing public notes on getting NixOS on the new framework:

For this specific problem, it’s due to an older kernel. Upgrading to 5_18 kernel fixes things.

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Sorry @alowndar @Dov_Alperin I hadn’t seen your replies because the emails went to spam. I resolved by using the minimal installer, and installing KDE instead of Gnome.