No boot with Intel BE200

my AMD 13 is working really nice but I have a little problem. Now I want to swap the wi-fi card to Intel BE200. But when I do this, I can’t get post boot anymore. Only black screen and this led sequence: 11001000 (BBGGBGGG)
B for blue and G for green.
Maybe I need to enable something in BIOS ?

FYI the AX211 have a CNVio2 interface. But the BE200 have a PCIe, USB interface, exactly like the AX210 (which works everywhere)

any tips ? thanks

Yeah the be200 doesn’t post in mine either, and from what I have seen on the internet it does that on a lot of other platforms too.

According to the specs ti should work but jet it doesn’t.

BE200 is locked to specific Intel configs, this is not a Framework issue

Do you have any proofs that BE200 is locked to specific intel configs ? Any official confirmation ?

Probably more bugged than locked, there is very little information at this point. Mostly reports of various platforms able to post and not post with it. From what I have seen for intel platforms it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t and on amd platforms it just doesn’t.

But the thing is very new and not a lot of people have it jet, let alone have it in a system that didn’t ship with it.