No desire for Intel

Year after year (I can say that technically now) I hope for an AMD version and am disappointed.

I have no desire to purchase an Intel CPU. Intel has lost their innovative edge in my eyes and are struggling to keep up.

I plan on purchasing a laptop this month or the following. Unfortunately Framework will not be in the running.



It where you place value: Framework or Intel


I understand what you’re getting at. Where does my money really go though? Most will go to Intel if I purchase it.

Perhaps Framework signed some exclusivity deal which would be unfortunate.

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Yeap! it’s a problem.

I bought a Fairphone due to the fair trade effort which means a lot of the money goes to China.

The fair trade gold, mined in DR Congo goes into the communal pot in China which is then used on all brands etc.

It’s your intent on who to support. Framework is a nice idea so I thought it’s worth a shot. The leg up I give to Framework for their efforts hopefully dwarfs the Intel profit affect.

It’s a gamble.


I sympathize. Intel got complacent and both Apple and AMD have outdone them.
Now Intel is making CPUs that always overheat badly. Their big-little strategy is a failure.

However the fault is also with laptop makers, who haven’t adapted to the new hotter CPUs, either from Intel or the equally overheating Ryzen 6000 series.