Noise in headphones? [Fedora 35]

Running fedora 35.
whenever im playing a youtube video or getting a discord notification, i get a lot of noise in my headphones. My headphones work just fine with my phone as well as a mac. Do i have a bad headphone jack or issue with software/drivers?

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Can you try windows 10 on a usb drive or something.

windows 10 isnt bootable, its just an install and i dont want deal with partitioning and risking wiping my current install. i dont have any spare nvme’s to swap out
i should also add that there is a loud beep-like noise when audio starts and soon after it stops

Can you try the beta driver bundle?

This has been discussed in other threads. Here is one that mentions a solution for Fedora 35.

Look back through the thread for others experience.

@Edward_Gray i tried the solutions provided by Andrew_Marshall Passerine, neither worked for me unfortunately

@Josh_Cook i looked on [Framework Laptop BIOS and Driver Releases] and it doesnt seem to be available for linux yet