No external display at all (USB-C / DP)

I read many, many threads describing issues with either the DP module or the USB-C (Thunderbolt) modules not working with an external display (LG 38WN95C-W).

My issue combines the both: I can get neither DP nor USB-C to work. Which wants me to rule out that is has to do with with either of the modules. I also plugged the USB-C cable directly into the ports of the laptop, without using one of the two USB-C modules I have.

Regardless which port/module/cable I use, the monitor recognizes that something got plugged in because it does not go to stand-by as long as the cables are plugged in. That always happens, no matter which side/port I plug the cable into. But it never shows an image and Windows does not detect an external monitor.

On top of that comes, when using the USB-C port, the laptop does not charge, the LED is continuesly blinking orange. Despite the monitor delivering 95W via its Thunderbolt port. I am going to try a different cable in a few days but am certain it is not the cable (because it works just fine with Macbooks, a Lenovo Carbon X1 and Lenovo Yoga).

Am I doing something wrong here, or is the device somehow borked?

  • OS: Windows 11 Pro (all updates installed)
  • Model: 12th Framework laptop

I would make sure you reinstall the drivers to make sure that isn’t causing any issues. If that doesn’t do anything, contact support if you haven’t already.

I even went so far to reset Windows and install just the Framework driver bundle (despite most of the drivers being outdated). No effect…
Will reach out to Framework then.

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Try a Ubuntu Live Image and check if that works.

(If it doesn’t you can check the system log and maybe find some information on why it does not)

I tried running Ubuntu before and it was a raging dumpster fire. Never got Wifi with WPA3 Enterprise to work. (do not get me wrong: all of my VMs are running Ubuntu Server and it rocks. I like the OS a lot. It just sucked on the Framework Laptop)

But OK, will give it a shot to check it if solves the monitor problem.

I am not saying to install and use Ubuntu as your daily driver!

Just that my help with Windows is limited as its not my daily OS and Windows event manager and logging utilities are very basic compared to the possibilities I have on linux.

Specifically, you can use tools such as Viewing and monitoring log files | Ubuntu

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OK, Ubuntu Live image is running, log files and dmesg are at your disposal, Sir :slight_smile: What am I looking for?

Okay, so the external displays still don’t work on it, right?

It would be good to upload the logs from /var/log somewhere (like pastebin) so we could take a look at them.

Which logs are you looking for specifically? There is quite a number of them :slight_smile:

It works when hooking up the laptop to a HP dock. Both charging and external monitor work over USB C. That is better than nothing but far from ideal…

And it does not explain why DP wouldn’t work with the LG screen.

I would be interested in the syslog and maybe even the Xorg logs.

The update looks promising,- but it makes me even more confused. Normally a dock/hub complicates things and does not solve issues? Haha, maybe you’re lucky.