Laptop won't connect to external monitor

My laptop won’t connect to my external monitor. How can I fix this issue?

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I’d probably start by providing actual details of your problem.

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I used the Dp cable that came with my monitor, but that didn’t work. So I switched the modules around to see if power and data were going through the port, and they did. I tried using a second DP cable in case my other cable didn’t work, which did not work. So either my monitor DP port doesn’t work, or the module is dead.

Sounds like you have your situation pretty well figured out. I’d recommend you send a message over to support where they will be happy to help you to troubleshoot more and possibly replace the card if it is faulty.


Have you tried HDMI? In what way does the external monitor not work? It could be a software issue where the laptop doesn’t recognize the display and doesn’t output a signal. Does the integrated display function properly? Are there error messages? Have you tried a usb-c to DP cable? What resolution and refresh rate? Many things are missing from this discussion.

Are the expansion cards hot-swappable? Do I have to shut off the laptop before swapping out the cards?

No. As far as the laptop is concerned, the expansion card is connected via USB4, so just like any other USB accessory, no power down is required. Do note that eGPU’s shouldn’t be in use and the iGPU enabled before disconnection.

@Danny_Von_TechTips I have had trouble with the DP Cables and the DP port expansion slot. It wasn’t so much that the display was not working, but somehow it wouldn’t get detected unless the cable was connected at boot time. I didn’t muck around much with it, blamed the monitor, and switched to HDMI. My monitor has a built in input switch, so it always had to be DP before I plugged it in or some such weird combination. Sorry, not being more helpful.

I can try it out later if you want me to run some tests.

@Sumit That would help. Have you installed their drivers for the 11th gen or 12th gen?

I have no idea why it happened again. One minute the DP EC is working just fine then I pull the cable out then replug it and it’s now dead. Why does my DP EC keep breaking?

Hi @Danny_Von_TechTips very sorry haven’t had a chance to go back to the display port issue. I’ve been in my own hell of “laptop wake up from sleep”.

Anyways, mine is an 11th Gen Core i7. I have not tried the displayport adapter after I upgraded to the November 2021 beta driver package.

If I get a chance I’ll swap back to displayport over the weekend and let you know.

This might be the “official position” for the display port issues or atleast part of it.