[RESPONDED] DP module no signal (unless ports switched)


I’m using ubuntu budgie 22.04.4 LTS on my Framework 16 without dGPU.
I have an external monitor (LG 27GP850-B) that I connect via Displayport using the DP module from Framework.
Once in a while I use the functionality of the external monitor. No signal is received. Until I switch the module to another usb-c port on the laptop. Then it starts working again. After a while when I lose signal again, I switch the module back to previous port and everything works again. This is not an ideal situation (just a workaround).
Did anyone else have the same issue and is there a solution for this?

Hi @Ergin_Er , welcome to the community.
does the turning off and turning on of the monitor make a difference?

Hi @Loell_Framework ,
thanks for reacting.
Turning the monitor on or off doesn´t make any difference.
Detaching and reattaching the cable doesn´t solve the problem either.
I really need to put the module in another port so that it gets ‘redetected?’. It seems the communication between the laptop and the monitor freezes until it’s reset by switching the port of the module.

I have found it hard to get the DP modules to work at all, but the HDMI modules work fine (with the same monitor, which works fine using a DP on another computer). After trying various configurations of port/cables/monitors/computers I’ve concluded the problem is in the DP modules (I have two of them, neither work). I instead use two HDMI modules, with two 4K displays connected to them and I have had no trouble with this setup so far.

I’m running Ubuntu 24.04 on a Framework16 with no GPU module.