No more charging on the back left port

I have an Framework 13 AMD from Batch 5, so I have it for like a month. In the beginning I really appreciated that I could charge it from both sides (not at the same time :)). Since yesterday the left side back port does no longer charge. The port works in principle for example if I put in a docking stick all the functionality is there. It just won’t charge. Even if I take out the expansion card and connect the charger cable directly to the USB-C jack it won’t charge. It will charge on all the other ports, but the back left one.

Anyone else seeing that phenomenon?

On 11th gen intel, but on occasion if a port starts flaking out, I have been able to “reset” it by powering off the machine, unplugging from power, letting it sit for two minutes, then plugging it back in and turning it on. It may be worth a try. Best of luck.

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Worth a try, but no luck so far. Thanks anyway.

That’s unfortunate. The only other thing that I can think of is a mainboard reset. I’m not sure how to effect that on the AMD boards, but presumably it is somewhere in the knowledgebase. If that doesn’t work, then I would reach out to Support. Hopefully you are able to get it resolved.

I’m experiencing the exact same issue - I’ve had my Framework Laptop 13 AMD for a few weeks now, and port 1 (left side to the back) doesn’t charge anymore. I’ve contacted support. Happy to hear if you managed to solve your problem! :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome.

Recently read similar on the 16"

It was a reset of the main board and BIOS

I have run into this periodically on a different board, the 11th gen Intel one. I have been able to get the port going again by fully shutting down the machine, leaving it off and unplugged for at least two minutes, then plugging back in and powering on. It is infrequent enough that it hasn’t been a huge hassle, and I haven’t been able to determine what triggers it when it occurs. It’s worth a try, but you did the right thing logging it with Support too. Best of luck.

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