FW13 AMD - Left side ports (mostly) not working

I have a problem with the ports on my Framework AMD 13.

Most of the time, the only ports working are on the right side of the laptop. I use a USB-C expansion card in the top right (USB4 port) and either a USB-A or HDMI expansion card in the bottom right (USB3.2/DP). This seems to work.

The top left port (USB4) does not work, and does not charge the laptop. Sometimes the top left port will start charging, but then the top right port stops working. The bottom left port (USB3.2 only) has, as far as I know, never worked.

Also, when the laptop is charging via USB-C in the top-right port, the charging LED on the LEFT side of the laptop illuminates. The LED next to the right ports remains unlit.

Does anybody have any idea what could be causing this? It is driving me a little crazy!

What BIOS version do you have? If you’re on 3.02, then you should update it to 3.03. Note that the AMD Framework appears to have some issues with USB-C chargers.

Hi - thanks for the response. I am indeed on 3.03. I have read about the USB-C charger issues, and I do see the same symptoms. But in addition, when I mark that the ports are not working in my original post, I mean for both power AND data. I haven’t seen anyone else raising a problem with the ports in general, just charging.

Just wanted to report back on the solution here. Interestingly, this was a consequence of the known charging issue for less than 60W chargers.

In fact, I have a 100W charger, but the cable being used did not allow negotiation at more than 60W. So, this was preventing the port allowing charging, and seemingly then some of the other ports functioning at all.

Workaround is to (a) reset the motherboard fully by pressing the chassis intrusion switch 10 times and then (b) use a charger of over 60W with "chipped’ cable allowing high amperage.

So far so good. The “bad” port state is not triggered and all ports are functioning as specified.