No problems after delivery

Many of the posts I see are about problems, so I was curious how about those with no issues.

Batch 1.
1185, DIY, vpro WiFi max ram 2 tb Ssd

Installed Windows 10 Pro, then installed Ubuntu 21.04 on a 250 GB expansion card.

After installing the driver bundle, everything Windows worked well. No issues after installing Bios updates, etc.

The only hard thing for Ubuntu was getting the fingerprint authentication to work.
So many libraries and dependencies to discover, but once done, generally flawless.
Occasionally the Window manager doesn’t load properly, force a reboot, and it’s OK.

Also installed Fedora 35 on a USB-a flash drive. Not used to it. So don’t use it as much.
Registering a fingerprint has not worked, some kind of timeout, probably, but no a great problem.

Very happy with my computer so far.

Any other happy customers out there, tell your story.


no issues here either as of yet (other than mx linux not wanting to boot by itself), but not completely finished setting up funtoo though. haven’t got as far as fingerprint reader or the like, may not bother.

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No problems here either, after a little bit of panic on first starting up and reseating memory in one of the slots, it’s worked perfectly since.

That’s the forum paradox: You go to a forum to check it out, and it’s 80% problems. That’s the 5% of users who did have problems. The other 95% went fine, and 1% of those who didn’t have problems went on the forums.
Best laptop for work and general purpose, Decent for gaming. The storage of SN850 1TB is BLAZING FAST. (99th percentile!)


The only issue I had was with FedEx messing up when delivering my computer and having to wait one extra day to get it.
I got the DIY edition and I had to swap the keyboard for the French Canadian one, which required taking out almost a hundred screws. It took a while but it went otherwise smoothly.
I got mine with Windows 10, it runs great.

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I have a Batch 5 (i7-1165) that has been excellent so far. Seems to me that the issues I’ve had are more minor annoyances than being classified as a “problem”. My trackpad intermittently takes a couple of tries to get a left click (I have tap to click turned off) in both Windows 10 and Garuda Linux (I use GRUB to dual boot, with Win10 on my main SN850 1TB, and Garuda on my 250G expansion card). I briefly had an issue when booting to Garuda Linux with my AX210 WiFi card after an update, but that was a driver issue I was able to resolve without much effort.

But overall, I love my Framework Laptop and would highly recommend it!

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No issues with the laptop here. Although I’ve only had it for 48 hours. Installing the NVME and RAM was a breeze, as was Fedora. Any issues I’ve had have been down to being a first time Linux user (although I am happy I made the switch) and a dock that I bought that kills my home network when an ethernet cable is plugged into it when the FW isn’t (how does that even happen?).

This is my first laptop but I’ve troubleshooted those of friends and family and this is by far a more premium experience than any of used before. As it stands I’m 100% satisfied.

One thing I was surprised about was the size of the modules. Reviewers must have small hands or something because the modules are tiny. I don’t envy the geniuses in the ‘Creators and Developers’ section.

that sounds faulty…

I think so too. I’ve opened a support ticket with the seller. I should be able to get it replaced.