[RESPONDED] Kubuntu Mantic on the Ryzen 7040 Framework

I figured I’d make a quick little post about my experience getting Kubuntu 23.10 (Mantic Minotaur) running on my Ryzen Framework. It was mostly pretty straightforward, but a few bits of research I had to piece together might help folks overall.

Initial Installation

Installing was straightforward as one would imagine. I enabled the TPM and secure boot before installation, and I chose to set up encrypted LVM. Nothing really to report there.

Hardware Issues

It wasn’t quite a perfect ride, but it really wasn’t bad. I’ve had to do the following workarounds so far:

Fingerprint reader

The fingerprint reader does not work out of the box. Or at least, it didn’t for me. The AppImage for clearing the reader didn’t work either, but reinstalling the firmware from the cab file worked a treat, combined with:

sudo apt install fprintd libpam-fprintd
sudo pam-auth-update

and adding fingerprint authentication. I could then add my fingerprints quite easily.


This is correct, the update you did with the cab file is the solution, delighted you were able to get this resolved.

An aside, Ubuntu 22.04.3 using OEM C kernel will be the absolute smoothest experience as that is what we’re recommending.


Thanks for the info Matt! I went with mantic as I’m specifically looking for the bleeding edge (and don’t mind some breakages along the way). It has a 6.5 kernel (roughly the same as linux-oem-22.04d on jammy) — are there any known regressions from kernel 6.1 to 6.5, or is it just a matter of “caveat emptor” as it’s not as well tested? (If the latter, I am very happy to be a guinea pig.)

I’ve got some further info coming soon (probably moving to my own GitHub page) about further integrations I’ve made with the Framework. This is the first machine I’ve had (other than Chromebooks) with a TPM, so I’m enjoying playing with that. So far I’ve managed to do TPM-backed FDE and a TPM-backed SSH key. Still a work-in-progress is TPM-backed gnupg (it looks like I’ll have to backport a newer version).

Update: Found another issue. Looks like my setup is having suspend-related issues — both with entering suspend (which could be related to VMs I’m running or kwin-wayland) and with leaving suspend (which may have to do with the TPM-backed drive encryption, as when coming back from suspend I’m getting a lot of journald messages about a read-only filesystem). I haven’t done much investigation yet as I only noticed it today, but I figured it’s worth warning anyone else who’s trying this just so they aren’t caught by surprise. Will follow up if/when I have details.

We do appreciate you sharing your experiences, do make sure to indicated exactly which distro release (very, very important) the host OS is and kernel in use based on uname -r.