No video after 3.08 windows bios update

I have no video at boot after running the 3.08 windows bios update. It went to a “applying updates” sequence after reboot which resulted in a blank screen and inability to see video at boot once I forced the system off and on.

When I boot the lights are solid green and shut off about a minute or two later.

Is the correct thing to do to reset the main board state as in Fully Resetting the Mainboard State - Framework Guides ?

You may also like to remove all the expansion cards after a reset and before you power on.

You don’t say what 13" Gen you have 12 or 13 maybe ??

It is a 12th gen

Removing expansion cards doesn’t help. I only had USB A and C cards.

You say doesn’t but did you try? It can force a reset of the BIOS maybe which may help. There are posts about this.

I’ll see if I can find one of the posts

Example why it may be useful

Oh, hm, I didn’t know it had special behavior.

I did try it, though, and it didn’t help.

Also, my problem is a bit different in that I have no video and no access to bios at boot, no framework logo etc

Keep searching as I will. I’m sure I read something related.

Although this relates to a LInux not Windows distribution it does show how a faulty SSD can arise unexpectedly and how to work that out.

I don’t know. It broke at bios update time. I waited about a half hour and it never rebooted. I was actually unsure why the update was running because I rarely boot windows. I must have just booted Linux when I was mid update and supposed to boot windows a second time to actually apply the bios update. So I was in the middle of something else and did something stupid: I inserted a USB flash drive right during the update’s initial setup progress bar.

The update guide says to remove all devices for the flash process so it may be related.

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