Freezing after BIOS Update (random and on wake)

I am having an issue after updating my BIOS to 3.07. My system is freezing and not responding to any input somewhat randomly. It happens much more often when restoring from suspend (e.g. opening the lid) but also happens when I’m using the machine. This had never happened before the update.

I’m running Arch Linux on a Batch 5 machine (i7-1165G7 CPU, 64GB RAM). I thought initially that this might be a kernel update (v5.15.12) causing the issue, but I’ve tried downgrading to a kernel from a few weeks back (v5.15.10, where the issue wasn’t present) and it is still happening.

I don’t know whether this is a BIOS problem, a software problem or something else – I thought I’d put up a flare here in case this is an issue someone else has dealt with (if it’s just a software issue I’ll seek help in other venues).

Any help would be appreciated.

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I just recieved my laptop yesterday, installed windows 10, installed drivers, then updated the BIOS from 3.06 to 3.07. Then my laptop started freezing 5 minutes after boot.

Now my laptop won’t even boot. I checked this page My Framework Laptop is not powering on to diagnose the LED blink codes, I get a red LED on #8 Thermal sensor. A faulty thermal sensor could explain system freeze soon after boot. I also noticed a distinct lack of fan noises after the bios update… Is my brand new Framework bricked? :expressionless:

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An update: after a few days this problem seems to have resolved itself via software updates. I didn’t track it carefully, but I think it might have been an issue with the graphics driver (the problem was gone after the vulkan-intel package was updated).

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Thanks for the post and update, @radioactivist. I’m about to do my BIOS update (PS, using the copied to a FAT32 USB drive… is this how you did it?) and am researching possible issues and… things. I’m gonna remove my SSD altho I think that Arch / systemd would still boot even if the update removes EFI info.

Anyway; I thought I’d post as a reply to both you and the second poster… not that I have answers, but… I was having mic issues forever - and (I almost LOL…) just two days ago it started working lickedy split. I think we’re dealing with software issues and that team Frame doesn’t always have the answers we wish they did.

I feel for 2nd poster, cause I know what it feels like to have a brand new Frame with an issue - altho not as big as yours… these machines are great, and we’re WILLING to test/work with Frame… but I wish there was more support than these forums - which over my experience I realize is basically all we got.

I got you, and ya’ll got me - thank you for the info radio…