Noisy Laptop while in clamshell/closed state

So you can hear the noise of my laptop here I’ve opened it before to add more RAM and briefly to swap the keyboard (but decided against it - still need to do it, I have this clear one).

I’d like to know if people think I can fix this on my own (comfortable with DIY, bought this as such) or if it’d be a good idea to ship it in.

Well that a bit of an open and strange question as there are many topics on this subject yet you haven’t said what you have tried.

Secondly I wouldn’t check out a third party link. And by noise I image you mean fan noise, again a frequent query which you read about, try some of the ideas and let us know how you get on. That may also give soem idea or your abilities.

All the best

I had fan noise problem a lot with my previous board, got a replacement fan and heatsink. I disassembled the previous one, can give you a description of how it is constructed if you are interested in reaching the bearing and replacing in or just putting some grease in.

The biggest problem is popping the fan itself from the bearing as it also snaps on magnetically so it’s very easy to bend the fan or break the fins.

Good point. So far, I haven’t tried anything to remedy this. I’ve taken this suggestion and I’ve already noticed a difference in volume. However, it’s on par with the volume I’d notice while using it on its own (using it without a hub).

When not under load, I still get a rattling sound comparable to that of a high load situation. I’ve considered shutting off the machine, letting it cool down, and starting it up again to see if that helps.

In terms of construction, it’s a pretty vanilla build. The only changes I’ve made has been adding more RAM (to increase it to 32 GB RAM) - no custom boards, displays or what have you. Regarding fan bending, I imagine this is easy to do by accident. I’d be interesed in images of what it looks bent and not-bent so I could compare with my machine.