Customer Service?

Hi all, I ordered a new laptop on the 31st and just received word that it will be shipping soon, pretty stoked about receiving it - great concept!

Quick question, is anyone at the helm in customer service? I’ve sent three emails since I ordered it on 12/31 in order to make a couple minor changes to my order and I still haven’t received a reply.

The email I just received an hour ago confirms payment was processed and its shipping soon… without the changes I wanted, order summary remains the same.


What email did you use? If you haven’t already, try using the contact form on this page. Framework | Support

I replied to the original order email (, I will try now, thanks

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Explanation here that things are shipping so quickly it’s difficult or impossible to make changes once the order is submitted:

Also offices were closed/personnel were away for the holidays and there’s a backlog.


Turns out the “” email address is not actually an email contact for customer support. @TheTwistgibber replied to a post on the framework subreddit saying so here.

@Salad is correct, currently the only way to get in contact with support is the webform.


Once I used the webform I was contacted promptly, I appreciate the quick response from everyone! =)