Average support response time!

Hello, I have submitted a ticket to the support this wednesday morning @ 11am CEST and I have still no answer from the Frame.work’s team.
I know that they are facing a lot of tickets right now, so I just wanted to have your experience on how much average delay they have responded to you.
Thanks !

While support typically responds within one business day, they are currently experiencing heavy contact volume and response times will be temporarily longer than normal. They appreciate your patience while they work through all the requests as quickly as they can. Thank you for your understanding.


Hi @duaner I have an open ticket for support right now and they first got back to me after about 48hours. Then the exchanges have been only about two hours time.
Send my original support request right on the launch of the FW16 so I’m really glad with the work and effort they put to keep everything smooth.

Big thanks to the team!


I still have no back answer from the support … :frowning:

@duaner Have You got an answer ?
Personally as said above took two days and then the exchanges have been really responsive.
I don’t think I have ever dealt with such help full and smooth process.
Big Up to the @FrameworkSupport <3

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Not yet. I hope it will be soon :wink: and as smoothly as your interaction !

duaner have you tried recontacting in case the first got contact got lost or something

Actually I did send another request to modify my first pre-order ! :slight_smile: Thanks for the advice.

Hello, just a quick update to inform you that the support has responded and satisfied all my needs :wink: .
As you said, @0xN1C0 after the first message, the communication was quick and crystal clear !


Seems like you had more luck than me.

I did contact the support, got that automatic reply mail stating:
“Thanks for reaching out. Unless you clicked “Yes, close my request” on one of our suggested articles, a member of the Framework Support team will be with you as soon as possible. […]”

Five days later, I received a mail asking to give a feedback about my (non-existent) experience with Framework Support. I checked my spam-directory immediately to no avail. Still debating with myself, how to respond to that… any suggestions?

Actually I received a feedback email as well, not sure it was about the support.
I’ve got an answer 8 days later so 5 days seems good, just wait a few more days. Don’t worry…

Hello ATi,

We responded to you on July 24th at 7:01pm PDT and the ticket was closed after our agent sent the response in reply to your feedback on pricing.

Please check your spam folders as I can see that the message was successfully sent and received via our ticket system logs.


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I emailed them on Sunday 7/23 about adjusting my pre-order, and haven’t heard back yet. I get it, they’re likely super busy with the high amount of 16 pre-orders (as well as on-going sales/pre-orders of 13). I ain’t panicking, since it’ll be a few months before I have to pay anyways, haha.

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Hello TheTwistgibber,

as I already mentioned, I did check my spam folder and didn’t find any message from the support team there either. Would you kindly send the message to me again?
Preferably via the community message system to avoid any email related issues.

Thanks in advance