"Onelogin" is it avoidable? (Solved)

Does LM Cinnamon 20.3 include/require “Onelogin?”

Never heard of it so Googled. It seems to be a proprietary enterprise authentication system and is definitely not included in the Linux Mint repositories or preinstalled. So yes, it’s avoidable.

That Googling also showed there’s a subscription-based 3rd party integration system between OneLogin and Linux Mint, so they can work together - but if something is asking you to sign up to gain access to your Linux Mint machine, it’s not Linux Mint that’s doing this.


I use Onelogin for school, I can’t imagine why it would be bundled with any OS or why anyone would want it to be.

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I don’t. Thanks for your response. Just trying to avoid any proprietary software.

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arguably if your workplace/enterprise requires it, no it is not avoidable.

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