Ongoing DOA Wi-Fi with my laptop

Hi! I had previously been communicating via email regarding support for my new diy framework laptop’s Wi-Fi, but I’ve not heard back in almost a week since the ticket was escalated I guess I needed to give it a few more hours. (See Below).

Installing the Wi-Fi module originally went well, but one of the antenna cables disconnected and took the socket with it.

Support promptly shipped out a replacement module, and I removed the debris from the cable. When the replacement arrived, I attempted installation only to find that the cable quite easily unseated itself. No Wi-Fi yet, and
My several attempts have scored the cable to the point where it may now need to be replaced.

Please advise regarding next steps and how I can go about getting a replacement antenna if you feel one is needed. Thank you!


Update: Just received a reply via email asking for patience while they work through a large Backlog from the holiday. This was really all I needed for the time being. I do need a working machine within 3 weeks, but I’m pretty sure we’re good there. Thanks, Framework!

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