Wifi problem

I just received my laptop and installed windows but my wifi card doesn’t seem to be working. Is it maybe turned off in windows 10? Did I maybe not connect the wires properly? Is the wifi card just supposed to work automatically?

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Hi, could you confirm if you were able to install the drivers that are linked to at the end of the DIY Edition Windows 10 Guide? Windows 10 Installation on the Framework Laptop DIY Edition - Framework Guides

If so, double check the steps around installing the WiFi card to make sure the antennas are connected.

There was my problem. I missed that i needed to download the driver package. Everything is running well now.


This was mine too. I was following the assembly guide and didn’t see it. May I suggest linking to the driver install step in the WiFi installation step? Something like “After all assembly is completed, don’t forget to [install the Framework drivers](link to driver install step) so the WiFi card will work.”


Great suggestion. I added a couple more mentions of the driver bundle in the guide.

I have the Intel WiFi6E card with the Framework DIY bundle. I installed the driver bundle, and my WiFi still isn’t working is there any known fix for this?

A common problem that DIY edition users had was plugging in the antenna cables properly on the WiFi card. If Windows is detecting that the card is present but you cannot use it that would be the first thing that I would check.

Where are the antenna cables? Are they the two that are under that small metal piece that held the stand-off screw?

Yes those two can be quite tricky to plug in also making sure the correct colors are plugged in.

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Thank you so much, it’s all good!

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Glad you can get to enjoying the Framework!

An antenna connector in close proximity to its mate will still pick up a signal, but that is nothing as good as when it is connected properly.

Check that They are indeed connected. The connector should not come off the module when the module is slowly & gently moved. The connector has a very distinct click when it seats.

Also I have noticed that the orientation of the laptop is important due to the metal screen cover - that the antennas are in. Other laptops sometimes place them in the, plastic fiddly bits.

But overall it works great.

Contact support if the antennas are firmly seated - they have things to help you.