Shipping to Australia & other countries

I know youve posted elsewhere you intend to rollout to other countries but will you be publishing the roadmap for this?

  • Will you ship to Australia once pre-orders are done based on a best effort for warranties/support etc.
  • Are you looking to establish local support or distribution in countries like Australia?



We don’t have a specific roadmap yet for country rollout, as it will depend in part on logistical constraints. As we get closer to each country launch though, we will announce details. Because we’ve designed the product to be easy to repair, our plan is to try to solve every issue we can through shipping replacement parts directly to the end customer and providing repair guides and remote support to help people perform any needed repair.


Thanks, I think that would work.

Can I even order from the website if Im not in U.S / Canada ?

Can I even order from the website if Im not in U.S / Canada ?

I guess technically you can using such as shipping forward service. But it’s not recommended by FW, because they don’t support the FW laptop shipped by the case. Here is the related topic.

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Shipping to Australia isn’t too hard, apart from 250AUD in import tax for a 1450AUD machine. Came to a total of over 1800 dollars. Apart from support not being here it’s generally fine.

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