"Original" vs Original Screen Replacement - Waviness

I had an original 11th gen glossy screen, but when doing some testing it became damaged (possibly due to one of the bezel stickers over the internal ribbon cable becoming strongly stuck on during a particular swap, taking quite a bit more effort than usual to separate, but hard to say for sure if that was the cause).

I bought a new glossy monitor, but the new one has a texture and a waviness to it that the old one from what I remember and what I can tell looking at it doesn’t seem to have. It almost looks like there is a film on it, but I removed the film. This is visible when the computer is on (with a dark background) or off.

While it’s usable, the original monitor looked like a flat black mirror, but the reflections on the new one seem to be distorted, in a manner which undermines the aesthetic appeal of the display in my subjective opinion. While I think I prefer the original glossy to the matte, the matte seems like it may be better than this “original” glossy.

So I’m curious if I just got unlucky now (or lucky originally) or if the manufacturing has changed in the intervening years such that the “original display” is no longer exactly “original”, and if anyone else has had the opportunity to do a direct comparison of the older and newer glossy displays and what their observations might be.