PD 3.1 240 watts

There will be 240 watts usb-c on the 16’ laptop?

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At this time, we have no information regarding specifics about the 16 inch model’s technical specifications or price. Keep an eye on their blog and newsletter for any updates.


Would be great if PD3.1 is introduced since I haven’t seen any head laptop manufacturer has put it into use. Btw not miss the GaN charger that we can say goodbye to good old bucky bricks.
Maybe its time for Framework to take the lead?

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I think It could be an option in more powerful GPU modules.

In most cases 100W would be enough. If you have a powerful GPU module, that requires more power, you could have PD 3.1 port in that module.

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I think this would be an excellent solution. PD 3.1 on the normal ports providing 240 watts or implement this on the external GPU where you would plug in the usb-c and feed the notebook battery from there.

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Have you seen this? @Framework

This have a problem usb-c 100W but OPPO has 300watts charger on a cellphone! Why not put on the laptop


We don´t need SUPERRRRRRRR charging, but a gan charger on GPU wil be a PLUS

Have you seen DELL G15 brick is laughable

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Gotta love that number chasing without any reguard on if it is actually usefull or not.

Hmmm, given the fact that the 135W Gan charger I 'm using now, I have doubt that is their charger could just rely on passive cooling? As my GaN charger can become superrrrrr hot and hard to touch when charging my R9000P w/ 3070 (AKA legion 7).

That is one of the features of gan, can work at much higher temperatures requiring less cooling. The case will melt to a puddle before the gan fets give out XD (though they’d probably not get the chance because something else craps out first or there is overtemperature protection).

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ohhhhhhhh, that means I 'm such a DUMBASS for active cooling my charger XD

I would not say that, it’s just not as required, also there is other stuff in there that isn’t gan and may get really unhappy above 120C.

Ultimately higher power density usually means more toasty.

Indeed, as power conversion efficiency is something cant ignore and the loss is usually turns into heat.

Gimme room temperature super conductors reeeeee

If this is not a lie

I have seen it on tv, all you need to do is displace some blue people, ez

It’s a scam, cell phone battery simply cannot take 300W