PD 3.1 charging


i was looking at purchasing this kit/laptop however i wanted to confirm a few things, namely usb pd charging i assume it takes 100w (20v) however i was wondering if 28v-5A was supported or any plans for it?


If this is about the Framework 16, yes it supports up to 180w of USB PD power. If it’s the Framework 13 it only supports 100w

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The Framework 16 does support PD 3.1 fully. Up to 5A at 48v (240w) is supported, although currently the fastest chargers (such as the Framework charger) only support 5A at 36v (180w). Lower combinations are also supported.

The Framework 13 only supports up to 5A at 20v (100w) and lower combinations (although some batches of the Framework 13 had issues with power supplies that supported a max of 15v, so a software update was released that causes it to request a lower voltage when it encounters such a charger).