Please tell me the palmrest is ISO/ANSI universal

I ordered a Framework 13 a few days ago, specifying an international US layout, and bundled with that I ordered an additional DE-ISO keyboard with the intention of occasionally swapping them when needed. However, I never considered whether both keyboards are compatible with the palmrest/keyboard cutout frame. Is the palmrest universal for all keyboard layouts, considering the fact that ISO has an additional key, or am I going to have to prepare buying an additional keyboard frame?

The input covers are universal and you will be able to change the keyboard. However, given that the keyboard is attached with around 80 screws to the input cover, “swapping them out occasionally” might create some headaches… :grimacing:


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Ah great. Yeah the screws are fine, I wouldn’t be doing it often but having the option is excellent for me.

I strongly recommend purchasing another input cover if you intend to swap between them often as it’s a lot easier. Not only are there many screws (as previously mentioned), some people have stripped screws while attempting this procedure.


Agreed. Even if you intend to swap the keyboard just once, I’d definitely recommend getting the input cover instead of the standalone keyboard. The keyboard is only for if you like fiddling for hours with around 80 (half-)stripped screws and if you’re really tight on money.

If you intend to do it “not often”, (i. e. multiple times), definitely get the input cover.

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Yep, you guys were right. My framework 13 arrived today and I spent about 40 minutes removing the US keyboard and replacing it with the DE one. I threaded one screw despite trying my best to be careful. It’s something I do not ever plan to do again unless necessary, lmao.

I am 95% to blame for not doing more diligent research, but I had assumed that the keyboards would be somewhat hotswappable (after removing the top plate) after seeing footage of the framework 16. However, my suggestion would be that framework put a little disclaimer somewhere, for the super niche cases like mine in terms of people looking specifically for a ‘multilingual’ laptop, that if you plan to swap your keyboard, you really do need to buy an extra top plate. Those screws are definitely not designed to be removed more than once, they thread incredibly easy.

Having said that, I am very pleased with the laptop and the intricate labelling for the screws, despite their fragility, and am happily typing away on my precious ISO keyboard.

Maybe one day I’ll get another top plate. The extra keyboard was just so cheap so I thought why not, not knowing you’re not intended to swap it unless it’s broken.

It indeed doesn’t say so prominently during the order process - but given that this is a niche thing as you say, maybe that would be asking for too much.

To be fair, the forum is full of advice (even from FW officials) recommending a separate input cover instead of just the keyboard because of the difficulty in replacing it.