Possible keyboard+palmrest update without intermeshing?

What I mean is that framework locked itself into a position where they have to mutilate various layouts just to fit the palmrest cutouts. Instead I would suggest having one large keyboard cutout and one forward replaceable keyboard like in Lenovo laptops or old Compaq machines. There was nothing fundamentally wrong with those. Then the layout has more flexibility in how it orders the keys.

I know this sounds unimportant to some but to others it is important. Especially those who type blind. Also it is somewhat annoying that just because of design choices the functionality is diminished. Form+function should work hand in hand and not cancel each other out.

So my question is: Will there be maybe an official update for the palmrest where something like this would be considered or is this forever relegated to 3rd party mods? Thanks in advance guys.

UPDATE: I realize that I had another topic about the UK layout specifically. This is a broader design choice question that contain that but is not exclusively limited to the UK layout. Thanks for your patience with me.

There is definitely a possibility that Framework could make a new top plate for the keyboard that would change this, however I would be worried about structural integrity. Since the laptop is opened by removing the top plate, I would assume that it would be hard to make an aluminum part that could just have a large space in the middle where the keyboard would go, and the metal lattice that surrounds the keys is meant to add a bit of support to the part. Iā€™m not an engineer so this is all speculation, but it seems like a fair reason why Framework did what they did, as it would have been a bad design choice to force yourself into a single keyboard layout for no good reason.