Pocket Edition?

I wonder in some future have pocket edition of Framework?

What would that entail?

As above: What size pocket are you thinking of ??

So a whole new motherboard etc. ???

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A Palmtop revival? :smiley:

I’m working to make my own version of this, as I VERY much want something like this. I would use the ever-living heck out of it!


The MNT Pocket Reform might be a nice example.

Please use the search feature!

It was just suggested yesterday without any further info on what that should include:


This device is quite interesting:


As someone who has had quite a few UMPCs, let me just tell you that while GPD and 1 Netbook’s Onemix series are fantastic, they are not even close to repairable, and the quality control on them is just not that great.

The downside to stuffing a i7 in such a small device is it will burn up controllers and chips quite fast.

If they were made to be repaired I would be one of their biggest fans. Sadly they are not. You spend $1400 to have a UMPC that works for about a year and then is a paperweight.

Long live Framework!!!


Wow, thank god I didn’t get one as a mini laptop cum gaming system then.

That would really suck.