Poor Wifi Performance AX210


I have just unboxed a brand new a prebuilt laptop, everything is working wonderfully except the wifi… the network card is an Intel AX210.

I have gigabit internet, however when connected to wifi, ill get >2mbps if there is anything in between the Laptop and a wifi AP this can be a wall or door etc.

I have checked on my phone and another pc both of which get 150+ in the same locations.

If I am standing right below an AP, ill get wifi speeds of 200-300mbps off of the laptop.
I have tried all software methods drivers etc. to no avail.

Given this, I would assume it is something to do with signal strength; I have seen some people miss the wifi connectors on the card itself, could this be the case even with a prebuilt?

I assume Windows.

I would suggest contacting support. Especially since it’s a pre-built.

Could be an issue there, but to be honest I’d suggest not trying to reseat them, since they can be delicate. Unless support tells you too.

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Have you installed the Framework driver bundle for the 13th Gen?


I also suggest booting into BIOS to make certain the wifi card has reverted back to “default” mode.


If the above does not address the issue, I suggest try installing the latest reference wifi driver from Intel. See here.


Also grab the Bluetooth driver that goes along with this since it’s all powered by the AX210 module.


Hopefully this helps you to resolve the problem.

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Yes, I have also installed the latest drivers from intel directly.
I hadn’t checked the BIOS, The Wifi mode is default.

I re-installed everything to make double sure that I hadn’t missed anything anyway. The problem still persists.

Like I mentioned in my original post, could this be because of a physical issue not software?

I have made a support ticket aswell so will see what they say.

It could be, yes.
Support will likely take you through tracking down the source of the problem.

It could be caused by a damaged or disconnected antenna cable. Are you able to remove the input cover (5 screws) to get a look at the wifi module and the routing of the antenna wires?

Something else to check, I know you said other devices connect properly and have higher transfer speed. Are any of those devices wifi6e (6Ghz) compatible?

What wifi router do you have? Is it a 6e router? Have you checked to make sure it is running the latest firmware from the manufacturer?

Also, in W11 device manager, if you select properties for the AX210 check to see if UAPSD is enabled. If it is, try disabling.