Poor wifi performance?

Hey Everyone,

I have a mild issue with my laptop’s wifi.

I have a TP link AX3000 router with AX 160mhz turned on. I have a desktop computer using an Intel AX200 and my older Thinkpad A485 (AMD version of a T480) using an Intel AC9260. Both of these computers and cards can reach around 600-800mbps from a room a short distance away from the router but my Framework Laptop is only pulling around 200 mbps down in a speed test.

If I go next to the router I can get 900mbps with the Framework and AX210 no problem. I have the latest drivers from Intel on Windows 11 and triple checked my antenna wires to the card. Even put a piece of electrical tape on the metal clamp to prevent the antenna wires from interfering with eachother.

Tried a couple other things things. Installed the AC9260 from the Thinkpad with the same results. Also tried a live Ubuntu 21.10 environment with also the same results. So to me this rules out my card and Windows. Issue might the antennas or the PCIe link on the mainboard if I were to guess.

Anyone else seeing something similar?

If we are just talking about usability it’s fine, I have 100 meg down on Ethernet.

This doesn’t help your problem, but that’s not needed. The metal portion of the connectors is the ground. So both metal portions are connected elsewhere anyway.

Having a more direct ground by allowing the clip to touch both metal portions of the connectors is beneficial but is probably not the source of your issue.

I wonder if 160 MHz is? The AX210 is still a little buggy. Try 80 MHz?

This makes total sense now that you bring it up. Wasn’t sure about the pinout and got paranoid :sweat_smile:

I could try 80 and see. I did try another card in the Framework laptop and had the same issue so I’m not really sold on it being the card or the router settings.

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