Possibility of adding LTE antenna to the lid


I was considering DIY’ing a custom LTE module for the framework laptop. Ideally I would like to have an antenna in the lid alongside the WLAN antenna. Perhaps something like this:

I am well aware that fitting it inside and routing the cable etc. will be complicated, perhaps require drilling the enclosure etc. I am fine with that.

However, what I am not sure about is whether this can work from a RF perspective, i.e. whether the signal won’t be blocked by the metal lid. However, the WLAN antenna is there too. What acommodations are made in the lid to make the WLAN antenna? Are there any specific cutouts, parts from different materials, etc.? Are they localized only to the wlan antenna or could they support an additional antenna? Or does it just work in spite of the solid metal lid?

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I would even be fine putting the flat antenna on the outside of the lid but even there I am not sure whether the close proximity to a solid metal plate will be an issue.

I’m not going to be helpful, but I am curious.

So you are looking to add a cell phone antenna to the laptop? What does the terminal plug into? Are you swapping out the wifi module with a cell module? There is of course a wifi antenna inside of the metal case currently. I haven’t noticed any interference that would seem to be specific to the it. What’s the length and gauge of the wire you’re looking to add?

I want to put a small LTE module into one of the expansion bays. Maybe it will stick out a little, I don’t cere too much. And somehow hackishly route the antennas to it, perhaps drilling a small hole in the expansion bay wall. I of course want to keep wifi working.

Have you thought about trying to look at teardowns for something like the Samsung go book 5G? I’m sure that they have to do something similar. From what I know yeah she’ll get some signal degradation but it won’t fully block the signal on the inside and if it’s on the outside it shouldn’t matter at all.

I think that depends on the design of the lid. For example my HP laptop has a break where there is a plastic strip instead of metal. On other laptops perhaps they do nothing special and you just get attenuated signal. I do not know how the Framework lid was designed w.r.t. RF, which is why I am asking here because I presume the people at Framework do know.

Note that the antenna module for WiFi/Bluetooth is actually in the bar below the display between the hinges. The section that sticks to the lid is a ground plane. For additional antennas, you’d also need to find other locations that are not enclosed by metal on multiple sides. The area along the current antenna may be the only real option without cutting out sections of covers.