Possible to have a second touch screen instead of keyboard?

wondering if it would be possible to replace the keyboard for a touchscreen with pen input?

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Someone just saw the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i…

I’m all for being able to customize the framework to what you want, but out of curiosity, why would you want this? I’m assuming it’s not for typing, because typing on a large touchscreen is miserable.

The current information that has been released is that the keyboard / input module connections only provide USB 2.0.

It would only run at USB 2.0 speeds and couldn’t use much power, not sure how nice that screen could look. At the same time it would probably have to be OLED to support the thin width. Doesn’t sound very realistic.

You could connect the bottom screen to one of the usbc ports, if you really want to do this. Not sure why you guys are getting so hang up on the usb2 of the keyboard. Still hard to do and probably messy, but somehow doable.

I did hazard a guess that the OP was asking if it was supported or could be done reasonably, in a way where Framework or a 3rd party might sell a module for it. Without running a cable that prevents you from closing the laptop or alternatively drilling holes to try to run cables. This would limit the market enough that I doubt we’ll see it available.


It would need to be a DIY project for sure. No way you buy a module and plug it.

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“why would you want this?” more screen real estate is always good! also could be used to draw, take notes, use it as a giant 3ds!


I’m interested in this as well for music production reasons, when I get my hands on an FL16 I’ll look into the DIY of it.