Possible to use larger display with mainboard?

Hey all, I’m looking into the idea of getting a standalone mainboard and building a small computer around it. Seeing as the display connector is 40 pin edp, I am curious if anyone knows whether or not it would be possible to use a larger screen such as this, without additional circuitry. My main concern would be power but I’m not too sure where to look for info about this.

Theoretically as long as your eDP screen uses the same number of lanes or fewer it should work with the correct cable. Whether or not this is actually the case is going to have to be an experiment as eDP isn’t usually messed with by hobbyists, and when it is it tends to be regular DP driving an eDP, such as an adapter to use a MacBook or iPad screen.


@Synthax Ok, thanks for the reassurance. I was looking at the schematic for the Framework, from what I gathered the main 3.3V line can provide up to 0.372 A (1.23W), and the backlight circuit probably around 2 A (35.2W) based of the datasheet I found for a similar IC. Panelook says my panel would max out at 1.1W for the 3.3V line and 5W for the backlight. In terms of the connector I was unable to find a 2 lane 17" panel with a 40 pin connector, My plan is to use one of these converters. Looking at the Framework schematic, it seems to me like pins beyond 30 are uniquely for the touch circuits. If any of my thoughts here are wrong I’d love to know about it, I am not an electrical engineer.

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