Using display interface to power monitor

I’m trying to see if using pins 1 through 4 on the Display interface to power a different display as I’m using a USB c hub and hdmi for video and currently not using the Display Interface on the mainboard. I’m using the mainboard and battery inside a different case and have paired it with a display that needs 12v at 2A max. I’d like to keep the portability of the system and use battery power to power the screen when mainboard is booted up. I can’t seem to find the power rating of the display interface. Thank you and if anyone is interestedof pics I’m happy to post, she’ll I’m using is an HP 110 Plus from the mud 80s.


It’s a standard eDP interface with a non-standard pinout. The exact power capabilities of eDP seem to be locked behind NDA for VESA members only, so Framework may not be able to tell you.

What sort of display is it? If it’s an eDP laptop display, there’s an offhand chance it might Just Work (use the stock Framework display cable). If it’s any other kind of display or you don’t feel like taking the risk, I’d look into some way to draw power from USB - you’d still get battery power that way.

The display in the Framework Laptop draws something like 250mA at a maximum from the BL_POWER rail. I haven’t checked what the limit is, but would not recommend trying to pull 2A off it.