Potential issue with iGPU on Linux

I know there were issues with the Graphics Module on Linux, but according to a bug report linked in the comments of the Phoronix review there are apparently issues with the iGPU as well.

Bug report here.

Is the Framework team aware of this? Either way, can this be put in a list of known issues?

I will still be able to use my Framework because I got the prebuilt version and therefore have Windows 11 as a fallback, but I am annoyed. However, those who want to use Linux on their Framework 16, got the DIY version to save on costs, and are holding out for a 240w USB-PD power supply and/or a 7900M version of the Graphics Module will probably find this a huge dealbreaker.

I want to be able to use Linux on my Framework 16 to game and be productive. I don’t want to pay $530 after taxes for a GPU that apparently can’t adequately drive the Framework 16 at 1440p60 in intensive games just so gaming on Linux doesn’t break.

Sorry if this was in the wrong forum, this is just a long-term concern that I felt wasn’t appropriate for community support. (I am in batch 15 and therefore probably won’t see my laptop before May or June)

tl;dr iGPU support for the Framework 16 seems to be borked on Linux, panic appropriately until Framework notifies us they are aware of the issue.

Has this been a big issue on the Framework 13 with the AMD 7840? Admittedly, I don’t do a lot of gaming on my AMD FW 13, but it uses the same iGPU as the upcoming FW 16 and this is the first I’ve heard of this problem.

Edit: Also, it sounds more like a Linux and/or AMD driver issue, so I don’t know if it’s something Framework can do much about.

Edit 2: Also, I didn’t mention it, but I’m running Linux.

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Definitely. I’m assuming the game was running through proton. It’s known that proton isn’t perfect. Not much we can do about it, but I severely doubt this is specifically a framework issue. If it’s not an issue with proton, probably an issue with drivers, which can always be updated.


I don’t have a FW13, so I don’t know, but if someone does and doesn’t plan to purchase Hogwarts Legacy for any reason, it apparently happens with other games in the Unreal Engine.

Actually, now that I think about it, that issue had to have happened on a FW13, because it’s 3 weeks old.

As for the driver issues, I have the general impression that Framework is working closely with AMD on this, who would be best for fixing this issue, as well as the companies behind the officially supported Linux distros. I am hoping that bringing this issue to the Framework team’s attention would allow them to pass it on to the AMD team, who would fix it, and then the official distros would be able to get those fixes in in time for my laptop to arrive sometime in June (Batch 15).

But I could be wrong. I would honestly accept them adding a caveat somewhere that people expecting to be able to play the latest AAA games at all on Linux on the FW16 should prepare for disappointment, listing poor iGPU support on Linux as a known issue, and doing absolutely nothing else until the Mesa maintainers get it fixed.

I really, really want to use Linux on my FW16 and have it as my main computer, mostly because my MBP2016 is on the verge of being unsupported, but I’m fine with one of its uses not being heavy gaming at the moment because I have

I just looked into some of the info on that bug report. It was a Framework 13, AMD 7640 running Arch Linux, KDE Plasma. Not saying it won’t happen on other configs or even on the FW16. But those were the details in the link.

You must be new to gaming on Linux. This will get fixed eventually, or someone will find a workaround. You are acting like running Linux will cause the laptop to spontaneously self destruct.

From what you posted, it’s an issue with one game. A driver update or proton update will eventually fix the issue.


Yeah, I have an anxiety disorder, I do that.

Thanks for the reassurances, everyone! Hoping my FW16 lasts for a decade, unlike my old MacBook Pro 2016.

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