Power button light

After a day of using my new Framework laptop, the light around the power button/fingerprint reader is the biggest annoyance. It’s very bright and doesn’t dim or shut off with the keyboard backlight, and being so close to the screen, it is constantly in my field of view.

Is the light controllable by the EC and if so, can there be a BIOS option to disable it? I hoped disabling the fingerprint reader in the BIOS would disable the light, but it didn’t.


Hi @jcs the light is PWM controlled by the EC. Right now we do not have a way to control the brightness in software/bios however. I will add it to our backlog.


@Kieran_Levin Is this something that will be addressed by batch 3 or for a future framework model?

@gs1 we will check to see if we can do this with a bios update.


Following this thread because as a fence-sitter it’s something I am interested in seeing a resolution to. In photos the lit up square LED does seem quite bright and distracting. If one is not using the fingerprint reader a workaround might be to cover up the power button with a sticker, or perhaps the design of how the LED works, if it’s like the keyboard, the LED likely is a separate component or circuit trace and perhaps the power to it could be cut or disconnected if there is a wire separate from the reader.