Power for mainboard in cooler master case

I am building a mini PC from the framework ryzen 5 mainboard inside the coolermaster case. I have ram, wifi, ssd, and expansion cards figured out but am not sure on power. from what I can find it sounds like the the battery in the laptop (if I were buying their laptop) would charge at 60w max but since the unit i am building would not have a battery I am unsure if i should get framework 60w charger or if i need a different solution. any guidance is greatly appreciated.

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60W will work, but 100W will provide greater peak performance.


thanks for the clearification

I am having trouble finding a usb c power supply as opposed to usb c charger. would something like the following charger work?

Anything will work as long as it’s complies with USB PD specs. Anker seems to be a good brand, so there shouldn’t be any problem.

“Charger” is just a common name people use, and unfortunately companies use the term too. They are all actually power supplies. They only provide power, and don’t truly handle the details of charging. The charging system for li-ion batteries is within the device.

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on a related topic, which wifi antenna do i need to purchase if my kit comes with " AMD RZ616 Wi-Fi 6E"?

Framework | Framework Laptop Antenna Module

The coolermaster case also has holes for two external antennas for those that wish for that. That would require buying the parts elsewhere, as Framework doesn’t sell any for that option yet. One would need U.FL to RP-SMA “pigtails” and external antennas that are 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz compatible.