Practicality of 16 for school laptop?

I mentioned in another thread i was considering, a Framework 13, and I’m mostly made up my mind on that. But I want to do due diligence and look at the 16 as well, since I really like it’s added modularity (and optional Linux keyboard with super key!)
Has anyone used it as a school laptop? I’ll be taking it to classes with me and using it in libraries and such for programming (CS major), and while I like it’s features, I’m worried it’d be a huge pain to lug around.
A major factor, though, is the ability to get on by August when I start classes, given that I’m unlikely to have the incoming money before July. I have no idea when the next shipment is likely to be, so if there’s no way to get it before, say, Q3, then it’s not an option no matter how much I like it.

Also, +1 vote for 13s having a super key.

I think all you really need to think about is how big of a laptop do you want to lug around? I personally think the 16 is huge, and is really a desktop replacement that you can take with you.

As the 13 can use eGPUs the need for the 16 from a processing standpoint seems rather specific. IE: if you have a workload to justify it great, go for it, but if you don’t, you most likely will never need it.

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I didn’t realize the 13 was eGPU compatible. That was one of my points in favor of the 16. I wasn’t’ planning on buying it right away, but potentially later. Sounds like the 13 really is the best choice for me. Maybe I can put a sticker on the Windows logo.

Running linux I get around 8-16hrs of battery life on my FW 16. I don’t have a 13, but anecdotally I’ve heard it’s not the best battery performer. That info may be outdated, but I remember battery life being important when I was a student, so if it were me I’d do my research on it. Personally, I had no issues using a 15+" laptop for school (software engineering), but if you don’t want to carry that then it may not be for you. Plus the 13 can be had for significantly cheaper.

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This is good information, thanks!

The FW16 is “in stock” today. This means you should be able to get it about a week after ordering. No more preorders.


I get 7-9 hours of battery life on my FW 13 AMD 55whr battery doing a normal highschool workload fyi

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That’s actually not great for something in the “portable” category. The 16 would make more sense, I’d expect to need to plug that in.

the 61w battery plus a portable charger can greatly help with battery life aswell

My vote would be to get a FW13. You are at school, and portability is paramount. It’s design is tested and well received. Get yourself the 61Wh battery or a portable battery that outputs USB PD. Get the 180w power adapter they sell too. You can not beat it for the performance/size.

It will be less expensive, you can do anything you are going to need to do.

Nobody gets extreme battery life without using cutting back on doing a lot of things they would normally do in the course of a day.

Unless you are going to a school that runs on solar/wind power in the middle of some territory you will always be near a source of power. Plugging in will always be available and 10 minutes with the 180w power adapter will do wonders to recharge a low battery.

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Honestly, if you get it without gpu, 16 is not that difficult to carry around. I mean it’s big but it’s also pretty light and thin.

I am starting university this september and bought fw16.

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13 uses a 60W power adapter

you can buy the 180W charger separately (and int he same order so it gets delivered at the same time)

That’s actually a really good idea. However, the charger takes about a month to ship, so no it sounds like it likely wouldn’t arrive with the computer.

really? id thought it would be on on-demand shipment now that the fw16 itself is?

The 16 has a bigger battery and the same AMD CPU as the 13, so without the GPU it should last longer than the 13. It also has a higher power charger, so it should charge faster as well.

The 16 has … the same AMD CPU as the 13

The same family, yes, the same CPU, not quite. The 13 has the Ryzen 5/7 U-series CPUs while the 16 has the Ryzen 7/9 HS-series CPUs. U-series TDP is 15-30W and HS-series TDP is 35-54W.

Unless you are seriously considering getting the 16" soon -ish, if you buy the 13" you only ‘need’ the 60W. The 13" will not draw more than that so 180W is a bit of a brick.

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My biggest issue with the 16 as a school laptop is I feel that it won’t fit on the tiny desks in lecture halls/classrooms


It is only an example you can check out your specific place:

The minimum work surface area should be 3.75 square feet per occupant. Depths of
table vary from 18”‐ 24” based on room layout, 18” wide tables are preferred with 3’ space in front
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