Price increased?

Looking at the 13th gen DIY…the pricing model seems to be different from the 11th gen back in 2021. Back then, IIRC, the keyboard and bezel were not charged separately. But now, they are:

Or am I remembering this wrong?

Looking back at the DIY i7-1185g7 order in Aug 2021-ish, it was CAD$1899 + $24 for the wifi (includes the keyboard and bezel. Not including the power adapter or any of the RAM, storage or expansion cards).

Now, the top tier bare DIY (without power adapter, RAM, storage or expansion cards), it’s $1959 (1370p) plus $51 the bezel and 129 for the keyboard. Coming to $2139 for the barebone DIY)

You are not analyzing the situation correctly:
what has changed is that now the bezel price is detailed.
It was already present for the 11th and 12th gen, but it was not detailed from the total.

I admit that, as you are not the first to say that, they could have presented it better.

First post updated.

I looked at my 2021 order. The bezel and keyboard weren’t priced separately. And the $1899 price was with the keyboard and bezel included. Not sure how I’m not analyzing the situation correctly.

Maybe they changed the pricing model midway through the 11th model year?

Yeah, it should be, IMO, $2139 base price for the 1370p, +$0 for the black bazel, +$0 for the US keyboard.

It’s almost as if it was an attempt to visually present a lower-than-$2k price…but in reality, one cannot really buy the DIY without the bezel, nor without the keyboard (given the way the configurator is structured).

If a component is a must-have (can’t purchase without it), then the pricing of that should be included in the base price. e.g. 1 year warranty, it’s a must, you don’t see that priced separately into the total amount. The bezel and keyboard being physical objects should make no difference to this notion.

Either way, the opening post is more on the price increase than it is about the configurator pricing presentation. Might be due to cost increase…pretty much in everything.

What is the currency you are using?
In USD, I get a subtotal of $1,579.00 for the DIY i7-1370P + US English keyboard if I remove all extension cards, storage, RAM and OS.
So, definitely under $2k, already.

(edit: ah ok you are in Canadian dollars)

It’s where you say “the base price” that you analyze wrongly.
The base price is already correct.
First of all, the only “base price” advertised is the one for the i5.
You can see it on the carousel where you choose between 13th, 12th and 11th gen, it says “starting at $849.00” for the 13th gen, which is correct as it includes the price of the bezel.
No other “base price” is advertised elsewhere, so for the i7 models you just need to finish the configuration and look at the total.

I agree completely. That would be more intuitive for everyone.
But the base price you mention is different from the one I get.


AHHH OK you use Canadian dollars!!

OK so the conclusion is quick and easy, there is no way that this could be “to make it look like under-$2k”, as they utterly don’t care about the price tag in CAD… they are a US based company.

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Again, my concern is not the pricing presentation…but the price increase instead.

Yes, CAD.

Ah, that makes sense.

I did, comes to near CAD$2890 for a 2023 top tier 13th gen with the same amount of DDR4 and storage. Around a CAD$200 increase.

Ah ok. Well, everything’s price increased, as you may have noted…
Especially energy-intensive manufactured goods, which consumer electronics sure fell in the category of.
Other than that, maybe there are other factors of the price increase.
Could be the electronics supply worldwide shortage also. The 11th gen was before the shortage’s peak.

In my head, to me, this is getting rather pricey… CAD$2900 for a p processor laptop. To be fair though, I haven’t looked at this year’s market price in depth. Maybe every brand is reaching CAD $3k for a p processor laptop.

Damn, this is just CAD$2200 (plus tax on top):

Yeah it would be fairer to compare between brands.
For a cheap Framework, you always have the option for a i5.
And for returning customers, a mainboard swap is the obvious choice, which enables to acquire the high-end i7 CPUs for a very reasonable price tag.

And what about the price increase for Lenovo laptops from 2021 to 2023?
Also Lenovo are manufactured in mainland China, which benefits from Russia’s cheap oil and gas… so maybe not a fair comparison.

Last explanation would be that Framework has simply redrafted their business plan, e.g. because the margin of the first one was too thin for operational costs. Who knows?

Yeah, likely will have to go with the mainboard swap route. I was hoping that I could be lazy about it…because I also want the new hinge, new lid, new / bigger battery, new matte panel.

Didn’t keep track of the consumer line…but the price number alone does seem attractive… but that’s with repairability thrown out the window…and with much shorter BIOS update period. Really want to stay away from the Legion line…

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Inflation from 2021 to 2023 in the US is ~10%. CAD is worth ~10% less against USD. That’s 21% in expected price change, but it only went up 11%, which means you’re getting a better deal then in 2021.


That makes so much sense now. Thank you.

Holding CAD sucks so much right now.

Looks like the configurator has changed to do this.


Nice! Thank you for making the update @Framework