Keyboard Input kit and balck bezel 154 EUR extra?

I am exited form order of Framework 13 DIY. I just got an email that my batch is about to be prepared, so per instructions I reviewed my order once again.

45 EUR for black bezel and 109 EUR for keyboard!!


I know this stuff costs something, I don’t need it for free, but why should I pay extra for essential part of the laptop when I already pay good 1215 EUR for the laptop itself? Many thanks I guess, Framework didn’t charge me extra for the display. But what i found the most frustrating is misleading order page.

Look, no extra costs for the keyboard kit nor bezel!

Yet again, I am looking forward for my laptop. And I know I pay extra for its features. But please tell me is charging extra for keyboard and bezel is ok, especially not showing it to you on the main order page, and I am lossing my mind?

Its not extra, your base laptop price was reduced by this amount (now 1215 Euro).

@Bernd_Steinzimmer Even if so, why can’t you see on the order page the costs of these components? Even before the checkout page

The shop exists some years now, it started without showing the component costs. You should check the Total amount to see if it got added or not. I doubt it, because I have seen the same as you and I did not pay extra, because it is included in the advertised price.

Are you getting a DIY one? If so the individual assemblies will need to be itemised on the invoice, and prices for each shown for customs purposes, as it is not coming as a ‘single item’. The invoice will then total to the amount shown on your order page.

Thanks for the responses @Alan_Pearce @Bernd_Steinzimmer . I believe it is fair enough if it’s include in the base price, which I initially missed and is required for the customs. Though, in my view, it is
still quire misleading.