Privacy-respecting payment methods

Is there a privacy-respecting payment method for purchasing framework laptops? As a privacy-concerning individual, I try my best not to use credit / debit card as it is well-known that financial institutions aggregate customer spending habits and sell that to market research groups / data brokers.

If I were to buy a Dell laptop, I would simply go to the shop and pay with cash.

AFAIK you don’t support cryptocurrency due to environmental concerns. Personally, I disagree with this rationale, as one can still support non-Proof-of-Work coins, such as Proof-of-Stake coins.

Is it possible to purchase framework laptops with multiple gift cards? The documentation isn’t clear about this. This way I won’t have my spending habits tracked.

As far as I’m aware, Framework doesn’t support multiple gift cards for purchasing. You would probably have to find one that has a large enough capacity or buy one through a friend. You could also buy the parts individually if you want to use multiple gift cards.

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I’m guessing you mean prepaid debit gift cards from visa or mastercard.
I don’t think support for multiple credit/debit cards is common. I’ve only ran into one site that was set up to accept multiple. If I recall, up to 4 cards.

Would be interested to know any sellers people might know who do support multiple cards. may be something to look into, though I don’t know if you can use multiple gift cards to make a “balance” they can use. Interesting question.

Nope. They require you to fund your card(s) with a bank account. Either with bank electronic transfers or a debit card attached to a bank account.

Framework requires to have a real person to tie the warranty to. As a corollary, such “privacy” payments cannot work.

Just go find a person who accept to buy for you, and problem solved.