Cant pay because i dont have any of the listed options

Im a little frustrated. I wanted to order a framework laptop today, but i cant pay. Is there any way to pay with paypal? I really dont want to get a credit card or start online banking just to bay this laptop, eventhough i really want it.

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You can set up a PayPal debit card, which would give you the card number you need but still allow you to use your PayPal account as per your preference.


Thats sadly not avialible in my country

Is there any plan for Framework to allow payment via Bitcoin? Lots of companies do accept it…

In some countries (e.g. Germany) credit cards are virtually unknown because people are generally responsible with their money.

I recently shut down my Paypal account for ethical reasons, specifically they believed they had the right to fine any customer $2500 for any online speech that Paypal didn’t like.

How do you expect to pay with paypal without a debit card?

I belive that framework should not accept bitcoin at all.

Discussed in another thread…

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