Production Webcam Suggestion

Hello, in the recent Q&A video Nirav Patel discussed the new webcam on the new model. He mentioned using cell-phone camera tech to build the new high quality image sensor. I use a dock with monitors so the image sensor inside the laptop is less important to me, but if Framework or someone else were to make a standalone webcam that can match modern cell-phone cameras for under $150 that would be massive. Even the top end modern $200+ webcams right now are worse than the iPhone X camera. An actually good desktop webcam could be a relatively low cost high volume item that would be super popular. I asked a few friends what they thought (a few streamers and few work from home people) and they all loved the idea. Considering the webcam market right now that’s a huge spot of demand for Framework to fill. To fulfill the repair-ability requirements, a replaceable/upgradable light and camera sensor and a replaceable USB-C cable. Maybe modular lenses so the user can set a focal length to blur the background without software.

I doubt that a dedicated desktop webcam would be high on Framework’s list of priorities, but a case for theif existing webcam module along with an adapter cable to convert it into a USB webcam would be great. Not just for the new camera but also for repurposing the old camera for people that are upgrading to the new camera.

Afaik the camera portion of the module just uses regular USB 2.0 signaling except with 3.3v power. So an adapter for that should be pretty easy (regular USB but with a 5v to 3.3v converter chip).

The microphone would be a bit harder, as would the ambient light sensor and camera/microphone switches. But not impossible (and not as high of a priority as the camera sensor itself).