PSA: Creator Program Mainboards was defective, being swapped out

Hey all -

As you all know, I received a free mainboard to dev on as part of the creator contest thing a few months back. It took me a bit to get started on the project, but once I did, I discovered an issue with the board that they sent me. It appears the pci functions of the e-keyed m.2 slot that the wifi card goes into are not working (usb functions of that slot are, however, which really confounded the troubleshooting for a bit).

Not a big deal, as again the dev board was free to me and I am glad to have use of it. The defect only cost me a little bit of troubleshooting time, and will not be show stopper for my project. Just a heads up to other creators that might be doing dev things on the bleeding edge, and wonder, “why isn’t this working?”, it could be the dev board that Framework sent was a defective return. It could be a one off issue with this one board, it could be that the creator contest was specifically designed to clear out defective inventory that did not pass the refurb program, I do not know .

Again, not mad at Framework or anything, just passing along a tip that may save others some time.

Happy dev’ing.


I wonder if Framework can clarify if this is the case or not. …or maybe you can send yours back and get a fully functional board?

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I did reach out to Framework Support, will be interesting to see what they say.

Update: Framework is sending a replacement mainboard. For a product I did not actually buy. I am incredibly impressed. Customer for life kind of impressed.

My theory about the creator program being a way to dump unrefurbishable mainboards is 100% disproven to my mind. Please disregard those comments above.