Would it be possible to buy a factory second or returned defective main board for SBC use?

I would really like to make a NAS in a 3d printed enclosure but mainboards are not yet available for purchase and i’m sure af not sacrificing my laptop. Also I really shouldn’t spend that much money.

I’m sure many other makers would love to have an affordable SBC with the framework laptop’s computing power and x64 architecture. Would it be possible to purchase a defective or returned damaged board with a “minor” problem like a broken display/input connector, defective usb port/controller, dead ram slot, aesthetic damage/improper screen printing, or other “still usable condition” board?

I think it would be really good for Frameworks goals of better sustainability and reducing e-waste to avoid such boards going into a landfill or overseas salvage shop.


Definitely an interesting idea! I suspect it’s not likely to be a thing until the Marketplace is a little more mature, but the idea of buying a board with a broken internal connector or a single broken USB port for an application where such a thing wouldn’t matter is definitely interesting :thinking:


+1 to the idea. I’d definitely be interested in one for similar SBC use.

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I don’t think I’d be potential buyer of this but I really like the idea.
It gives framework as a company but also us as users an alternative to throwing away.
Which seems like the core value of this company, so here is hoping it finds traction at some point, when they have enough employes and time to manage all those feature we want from them :smiley:

Realistically repairs like that should be relatively easy for a experienced micro solderer.

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