PSA: Don't let your input cover cable get folded

I wanted to wait on this until I confirmed it for sure, but…

If you re-install the input cover in such a way as to put a new crease in the input cover cable (the one that seats into the main board), expect cable damage and weird symptoms. In my case, first issue was touchpad went out completely. Then the keyboard backlight was non-responsive. Then random rows of the keyboard started being flaky, though I could sometimes get them back by flexing the user right corner of the lower chassis half. Once I got home, I opened the input cover, saw the folded input cable, put it back straight, which helped for a bit but the symptoms all came back.

Confirmed it was not the mainboard itself, nor the input cover components, as I ordered an entirely new input cover, and tried combinations of parts to confirm. Problem follows the input cable that I accidentally creased.

My new technique is to place the hinge-side edges of the input cover down, then press in the input cover cable connector into the mainboard, then let the other 3 sides of the input cover come down onto the magnets. No input cable creasing events using this technique after a dozen or so input cover on/off events swapping parts…


Just for clarity you mean that you should not fold your input cable more than it is already folded? I just don’t see how or why you would need to fold it additionally? The cable is setup to plug into the mainboard and no extra folding or messing with it should be necessary. Right?

The input cover cable comes from the OEM all in one plane. Try to keep it that way, yes. I did not intentionally put a new crease in it, that just happened by accident from installing the input cover weirdly somehow.

The rest the hinge edge of the input cover against the lower chassis first, then connect the input cover cable to the mainboard, then lower the user side edge of the input cover technique seems to resist putting new creases in the input cable.