PSA: don't upgrade to linux kernel 5.19.12

It breaks the internal display somehow, had to down grade to 5.19.11 to solve it


I wish I saw it earlier, I’ve got the flickering,
How did you downgrade, with a livecd?

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sudo pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/linux-5.19.11.arch1-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst

for me the external monitor still works so I managed to put this in

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For the people here who doesn’t have the previous kernel in cache, you can run:

sudo pacman -U

Also don’t forget to blacklist the linux package until a fix is found.


Same here. I wish I saw this post earlier.

However I was able to ssh into the system and downgrade to the 5.19.11 that was still in /var/cache/pacman/pkg/.

Bro was just about to create this thread myself, thought my display was broken smh

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Same issue on Gen12.
Workaround: Use external display to downgrade kernel.

On Arch Linux, updating from kernel linux-5.19-11 to linux-5.19-12 causes the system to not boot anymore. The screen will flash.

This has been reproduced with both standard Arch Linux kernels as well as alternative kernels like Xanmod.

It occurs on both 11gen and 12gen systems.


I confirm.

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FWIW the system will boot; it’s just that the display will sit there and constantly power on and off.

I replaced the hinges in the laptop yesterday, so I spent the whole morning thinking I for sure broke the display. Annoying timing for me.

sudo pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/linux-5.19.8.arch1-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst
to roll back, if you’re on Arch.

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Can confirm on Gentoo as well, both dist and custom


Found this one out the hard way updating my Arch install not long after the 5.19.12 kernel was released. Boy was that a little stressful! Rolled back to 5.19.11 for now, hoping the regression will be fixed soon.

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Also reported here:

The linux-stable kernel on commit 987a926c1d8a40e4256953b04771fbdb63bc7938 (6.0.0-rc7-alderlake+) is working fine for me. So hopefully 5.19.13 will contain this fix as well.


Does this impacts Fedora users also?
We have confirmation on Gentoo and Arch.

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Fedora 37 on 5.19.12 here. I think I’m affected too. I get flickering over the whole screen.

It really seems like the flickering started with that upgrade but now it’s flicking in the BIOS menu. Is it possible the kernel upgrade could affect that?

I’m seeing the same thing - Arch Linux kernel 5.19.12. Downgrading the kernel to 5.19.11 allowed me to boot in as normal.

For anyone else finding this who doesn’t have a way to connect to an external monitor, you can re-download the arch ISO, put it on a USB stick and boot from it. Then mount your drives (don’t forget /boot), arch-chroot into it, and then run the downgrade command as shown in earlier replies.


Thanks for the PSA, was just about to run an update, would have been very annoying.


Confirmed also affects Fedora (36, stable). Hit the screen flickering on boot issue directly after installing kernel 5.19.12. Had to boot from 5.19.11 to login and post this comment.

CC @bayesian, @Z_David_64


Lmao just responded to another post about this and did a full system reinstall like an hour ago. I should have checked here before. But guess now I’m sure of what the issue is, thanks guys

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Just seconding that it also happened to my 12th gen running Fedora 36. Is there a way to change the title to reflect that it’s not just on Arch Linux?