Question about batch slowdown

Hey Framework team! (or @nrp) I have a question about the batch shipment system.

I noticed that one of the models now ship within the same month as the specific batch number. Does that mean that there’s an eventual transition to same-month shipping for Framework laptops, or is it a temporary convenience while demand has slowed down for now? It’s nice to know for when I recommend this laptop to friends and family.


I’m guessing it’s due to availability of the parts. The cheaper the model, the quicker the sell. The more expensive motherboards are probably more readily available as people try to reduce the cost of the purchase.

That’s just my impression, anyway. When I first started looking into it, the i7-1165G7 model was shipping same month, but the i5 wasn’t shipping until October.


Yep, we very much want to get out of the batch ordering system and into normal inventory, but you all keep buying them faster than we can make them! We are getting closer to it though as we continue to ramp our manufacturing capacity.