Question about Performance

Hi, new here.

I’ve taken an interest in purchasing a top spec framework laptop (Thanks Linus), just have a couple questions regarding the product before I buy.

  1. Is it powerful enough to run programs like VirtualDJ, Serato DJ Pro and Engine Prime.

  2. Is it powerful enough to run Photoshop?


As a software dev I don’t know about the apps you mention, but what I can say is that it is quite fast.

Thank you, if it runs them without any hitches is what I’m looking for but thanks again for your input.

Hardware requirements are set / specified by the software vendors. Your best bet is to reach out to them to get the minimum system requirements.

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Also, If you’re already looking at the top spec Framework Laptop 13" you may be interested in the increased power of the newly announced 16" model. If you want the form factor of the 13", then there are 13th gen mobile intel and 7040 series Ryzen processors coming soon. Definitely do what others have told you and ask the creators of the software if those specs will be able to handle your workload!

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Thank you everyone who replied to my post, you’ve been very helpful.

You may close this thread :slight_smile:

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