Can we get a Framework 16 tier display on the 13?

Obviously there are far more pressing hardware concerns to get out of the way first for a while lol (massive respect for managing to start shipping Ryzen 13 before October!!), but I just realized how much better the Framework 16’s screen is looking compared to the 13. Any chance we could get a higher tier screen for the 13 as a more expensive option somewhere down the line? Given the screen size I wouldn’t care for higher resolution, but the 165hz is amazing, and that 100% DCI P3 is stellar.

I assume the rationale against would be since it’s not exactly a gaming machine it doesn’t need a super high refresh rate, but honestly even on a desktop and casual use, scrolling text and such, >90hz is a super nice feature to have.


Unlikely, there are very few screens in that 13.5" 3:2 form factor on the market (only one or two if I remember correctly), with Framework already using one of them (with slight adjustments).

Creating a whole new product just as a fancy expensive variant probably wouldn’t be cost effective for Framework.

However I agree that I’d like a higher res version with better refresh rate and colors.

In any case, Framework usually doesn’t announce future products before they’re ready to order.

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I’ve always wondered how many Framework 13s will have to be out on the wild before third parties start to offer stuff like this.

It is kind of the genius of having a laptop that is so upgradable, a third party can bring out a product that can be sold to the multi-generational back catalogue of framework users.

Start-ups or small manufacturers coming up with novel or high end tech could just use the framework community as a test bed for new products, without having to get a big manufacturer like dell or HP onboard.

I know of 10 other display models (not including what Framework already offers) that are 13.5" 3:2.

However 4 of those have almost identical specs (some with slightly higher brightness) to what Framework already offers just from different manufacturers. And 5 are very similar but dropped down to 1280p resolution.

Really the only panel that has meaningfully different specs is the Panasonic VVX14P048M00 (IIRC was used in the 13.5" Microsoft Surface Book), which has higher resolution (2000p vs 1504p), higher brightness (480 vs 415 cd/m²), and higher contrast (1800:1 vs 1500:1),


But is it 3:2?

This Panasonic panel has a digitizer which likely means brightness/contrast are (to the eye) lower than the FW screen.

Ahhhh yeah, in hindsight it’s obvious they aren’t making the panels themselves, makes sense

I just did the AMD Ryzen upgrade on my 1st Gen Framework, and after doing the 4g hinge replacement at the same time, I’m loving my Framework laptop all over again. When I fired up a fast paced game (Dead Cells, among a few others) to flex the AMD iGPU a bit, I did quickly notice the ghosting and smearing of my display. I’m so happy with the rest of the laptop right now that if Framework would like me to buy more parts any time soon, it’s going to have to be a 13" display replacement with 120-240Hz refresh, preferably with HDR support. :wink: C’mon Framework crew, I know you can do it.

120+hz (I’d settel for 90 too) variable refresh rate oled would be even nicer. But unfortunately the framework has a bit of an awkward size that is just a tad too small to fit the oled displays used in some other similar sized notebooks.

Yeah. I made a reddit post last night about my desire for a 90hz OLED after testing out the 780M. Did a little burn-in for my PTM7950 by running Elden Ring for an hour and was honestly blown away by the performance.

I would absolutely LOVE a higher refresh display on this little machine. I just got a Steam Deck OLED and I have to say it is an incredible difference-maker going from 60hz LCD to 90hz OLED. Gave my old one to my brother lol.

Unfortunately, I think the 3:2 panel is a seriously limiting factor. I did a fair amount of digging, and I’m pretty sure a higher refresh 13.5in 3:2 LCD doesn’t exist right now, not to mention OLED. If the FW13 was a 16:10 aspect like the FW16, I’d say we’d have a shot.

Hate to say it, but I think the chances of us getting an upgraded display for the FW13 are exceedingly slim, at least anytime soon. I’d love to be proven wrong though.