Question... gaming?

It is a 60hz panel, the most it can actually show is 60fps, you’ll still receive some benefit with framerates above that (latency is still reduced) but it won’t appear any smoother. Since it isn’t optimized for low latency either I expect you’ll find maybe around 10ms delay of latency inherent to the panel, that is just a guess tho.


I did know about the 60hz, the 10ms is a shame but its obviously not a gaming panel so its not entirely unexpected, just a minor nuisance and probably barely noticeable by the sharpest eyes.

If anyone has tried the 2019 Modern Warfare on the framework, or a similarly unstable AAA game I would be interested to know the results, whether that be stuttering, average framerate, or other problems related to hardware limitations (like a lack of memory, or in some cases having hyperthreading causing problems).

From Notebookcheck:


That is worse than I thought. Thanks for showing that. We were hoping to swap it out for a touchscreen anyway and most anything would be better. Shame that its not better.

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Yeah… “92% of all devices are better”…that’s how bad this is.


Has anyone tried it on the new Counter Strike yet?

I tried Counter Strike 2 on Ubuntu on my 12th gen intel i7 and it didn’t run well at all. I put all the game’s settings as low as they would go and it was still really jittery. I haven’t got much experience in running Steam games on Ubuntu though, so it’s possible that I was missing something crucial.