Ram Compability

Hello everyone.
I bought Framework 13 DIY edition with no additional ram and nvme.
After successfull built, everything is working fine. Thanks for that.
When I check ram frequency, I saw that its stuck at 4800mhz.
I have Kingston Fury Impact 32 GB (2x16) @6000mhz with Samsung 990 pro 1TB nvme disk.
As I understood from other posts, It has to have some specific properties or something. Should I sell my rams and buy some compatible ones?
Or will there be any future firmware updates to supports more rams like currently I own?

You need DDR5-5600. Please see AMD Ryzen 7040 Series 13" RAM Comatability if you got AMD Ryzen. If you’re not using AMD, please follow RAM compatibility guidance for your product on the Products page.

There is no 6000MHz jdec profile so it must be some factory overclock (xpo/xmp). The framework doesn’t support xmp/xpo and will just use the jdec profile on there which is apparently 4800 in this case.

If you aren’t taking too big a loss yes

currently rams are working @4800. model number is KF560S38IBK2-32

That does make sense